This article will walk you through connecting to one of the Spokane Colleges' wireless networks.

Information about Wireless Networks

There are two wireless networks provided by Spokane Colleges:


  • Used for students or employees who have a CCS Account
  • This is preferred over GuestNet because it provides access to more college resources – such as printing and Remote Desktop
  • Utilizes email and password combo that the users use to log into any campus PC


  • Provides access to resources outside of the colleges' network ONLY – just Internet browsing, no printing capabilities
  • Use GuestNet for situations such as having guest presenters on campus of for training guests or future students who do not have user accounts
  • The password rotates occasionally. To learn the current password, please visit the Guest Accounts solution article.


For Students

For all students, the username is your first name, the first letter of your last name, and the last four digits of your student identification number followed by

For Employees

For employees, the username is your first and last name, with a period between them. If you have a common first and last name, there is a possibility that you will add your middle name (FirstName.M.LastName), or if your name is longer than 20 characters, it would be (FirstInitial.LastName).

The suffix, or end of the of the username will depend on which domain your email is associated with, which depends on your unit. Options include:

Diagrams with Examples


Instructions to connect to CCS Net from specific Operating Systems