CCS Net, our college WiFi network, is accessible to students and staff. These instructions detail how to connect to this network from a PC running Windows 10.

Description/Steps for Resolution

Step One - Launch the Control Panel

In the Start Menu, select Control Panel.

Step Two – Access Network and Sharing Center
Select Network and Sharing Center, and then select VIEW NETWORK STATUS AND TASKS.

Step Three - Manage Wireless Networks
Select Manually connect to a wireless network, and then select Connect.

Step Four - Enter Network Information
Enter the following information (Screen 4), then select Next:

Network name: CCS Net
Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption type: AES

Manually connect to a wireless network window, displaying fields for network information

Step Five - Modify Network Settings


Window advising successful connection setup and displaying option to manage network settings

Step Six - Modify Network Settings (continued)

Select the Security tab at the top of the window, and then select Settings. (Screen 6)

CCS Net Wireless Network Properties window, on the Security Tab, showing option to manage network authentication settings

Step Seven - Modify Network Settings (continued)

Uncheck the box that says VALIDATE SERVER CERTIFICATE, and then select Configure… (Screen 7)

Protected EAP Properties window, displaying server identification via certificate option and authentication via secured password option

Step Eight - Modify Network Settings (continued)

Uncheck the box that says, “Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any)”. (Screen 8)

Modifying security window popup

Step Nine - Modify Network Settings (continued)

Select OK on both the EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties window and on the Protected EAP Properties window to close them. 

Step Ten - Modify Network Settings (continued)

In the CCS Net Wireless Network Properties window, select Advanced Settings.

Select the checkbox for Specify authentication mode, and set the drop down menu to User or computer authentication (Screen 9)

Advanced settings showing to check the checkbox for autentication mode

Step Eleven - Modify Network Settings (continued)
Close all the windows by selecting OK on each open window.

NOTE: Do NOT select Cancel or the X in the upper right corner of the windows or the settings will not save.

Step Twelve - Connect to the Network
Select the wireless icon at the bottom right hand corner.  

image of icon tray on taskbar of windows 10 computer, showing icon for wireless network connections

Step Thirteen - Connect to the Network (continued)
Select CCS Net from the list of networks displayed.

NOTE: CCS Net will only be visible when you are in range of the campus wireless network.

Step Fourteen - Connect to the Network (continued)
Select the checkbox Connect automatically so it reconnects for the future, and then select Connect.

network connection window displaying option to connect automatically

Step Fifteen - Enter your Credentials
Enter your CCS network username and password in the respective boxes, then select OK.

Students should add after their username.

Faculty and staff should enter one of the following after their username, depending on which domain they belong to:



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