Zoom meetings that may include connections from any of the CCS Polycom classrooms or meeting spaces require certain Zoom meeting settings.

Ensure that Waiting Room is unchecked if the Host will be dialing in from a Polycom system. As Host, you will not have control from the Polycom system to allow other participants into the Meeting. If Waiting Room is preferred, the Host will need to be prepared to sign to the Zoom client on a secondary device (smartphone, desktop PC, etc) to allow Participants into the Meeting (including the Host's own Polycom system).

Disable Join Before Host. If the meeting host will be connecting from a Polycom system only they will need to dial into the Meeting with the Host Key* or sign-in on the Zoom application/website as the Host and enable sharing for all participants.

IMPORTANT: Content Sharing from a Polycom is disabled by Zoom, by default (enhanced security). If you are Hosting a Zoom meeting AND will be on a Polycom system you have two options:

  1. Some users may find it's easiest to sign into Zoom and start their Zoom meeting on a second device (lectern PC, phone, tablet, etc) and then doing a few things:
    • Start the Meeting for all users.
    • If using Waiting Room, letting all the participants into the Meeting, including your own Polycom system if you dialed in without the Host Key
    • Enable Sharing for all users - by default, Zoom has this feature off and it needs to be selectively enabled each Meeting. To do this you would click the caret ^ next to Share Screen, choose Advanced and then choose to allow All Participants to share. On Tablet and Phone Zoom apps, the sequence can vary but is generally 1) get into the Meeting/Start the Meeting 2) Click More (...) 3) Meeting Settings 4) Allow Participants to Share Screen (toggle on).
  2. Power users, frequent users of Zoom+Polycom may want to go into their Settings (https://www.zoom.us/profile/setting) in Zoom, scroll down to the In Meeting (Basic) settings area and in the Screen Sharing area, allow all Participants to Share. If you are frequent user of your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) as well as a user of Scheduled Meetings, you will want to Meetings -> Personal Room -> Click Edit towards the bottom and make the same changes in the Screen Sharing area, save the settings changes. In Zoom, you have two sets of meeting settings - when you use your PMI and anything else (ad-hoc w/o using PMI, any scheduled Meeting, etc).

Please note, in second option you are allowing any user in any meeting you Host to share content. In the past, this was default but Zoom has changed it to 'Host Only' by default and CCS is going along with that change, but letting users make the change on their accounts as desired. If you are using Zoom properly and only sharing your Meeting ID, Passcode and Zoom Meeting ID links with the appropriate audiences (with students via Canvas, etc) than there is limited risk. If you are a frequent Zoom+Polycom user (teaching classes, hosting fac/staff meetings from a Polycom room) then this setting can probably be changed without issue. If you are someone that hosts events publicly and may or may not be on a Polycom system to do those events (or use one rarely). Using the first method, as needed, is the ideal method.


If you are scheduling Zoom Meetings and will be signed in and hosting the Meeting yourself from your laptop, desktop, etc the above settings are less crucial. The main consideration is, as host, if you plan to launch the meeting from a Polycom system only, your controls of the meeting are limited through the Polycom interface and the above settings set a baseline where all users (with Meeting ID and Pasccode) can connect with minimal fuss.

For more information on general Zoom Security, look here: https://ccspokane.freshservice.com/a/solutions/articles/3000046415

*Dialing from a Polycom into a Zoom meeting requires specific dial-strings and/or enduser interaction on the Polycom system. Users should make themselves familar with these procedures. More information here: https://ccspokane.freshservice.com/support/solutions/articles/3000048346-zoom-polycom-how-to-dial-into-zoom