CCS has expanded the availability of Zoom to all faculty, staff, and students. Zoom is a video/audio/chat program that can be used on PCs, Macs, personal devices such as smartphones and tablets. Additionally, CCS has expanded the capabilities of our Zoom licensing to allow our Polycom ITV equipped classrooms, conference rooms, and meeting spaces to connect to Zoom meetings. 


There are three separate account/usage types:

  • Licensed
  • Basic
  • Per Meeting Guest


The most significant differences are that Basic accounts are limited to scheduling Zoom Meetings lasting 40 mins max when the meeting has more than three participants. Additionally, meetings scheduled by a Basic account holder will not allow calls from the Polycom room systems. Important: Basic account holders, as well as Per Meeting Guests, can attend any meeting of any type, without limitations.



Who Needs an Account?


There is a max number of Licensed accounts. All CCS employees that Sign In at the CCS Zoom Portal will establish a Licensed account. If you never schedule events/meetings nor host a meeting or training – you will most likely not need a Licensed account. If you are invited to an HR training and get the Zoom Meeting invite, you simply click the link, follow the prompts – enter a name/nickname and attend the event. There is no need to have an account of your own, you are simply attending the meeting scheduled by a Licensed user.


If you are an instructor, office assistant, program coordinator, etc. you may find it beneficial to have an account to schedule classes, training, and events. You can install Zoom as an Add-In for Office 365/Outlook and schedule Zoom meetings directly from Outlook -> New Meeting if desired. Additionally, you can allow other Zoom users to schedule Zoom meetings on your behalf, which works well for manager + office assistant setups.


Students using their email address will be assigned Basic accounts by default. Students who have not accessed Zoom through the portal or with their student email account will not establish a personal account. Still, they can attend any class, meeting, event via Zoom as a Per Meeting Guest, as long as the Meeting ID was shared with the student(s) by the organizer/faculty member. For security purposes, it is suggested that you have your students sign into Zoom with their Bigfoot credentials to generate an account and they then use that account to connect to Meetings and Classes via Zoom. Information for Students about their Bigfoot accounts here.

Maximizing Security

To maximize the security level of Zoom and Zoom meetings, all STUDENTS are encouraged to sign in to Zoom and to use their Authorized Zoom account to join meetings, join class sessions as well as connect with one another through Zoom.



Merging Your Existing Zoom Account


CCS has registered the domains,, and with Zoom. Users signing into Zoom with a CCS email address will be asked to merge their pre-existing Zoom account with the official CCS Zoom account. New signees are not given this prompt, only if a user has signed up on their own for a free/paid Zoom account with their work email sometime in the past. If asked to merge your pre-existing Zoom account with the CCS Zoom account, choose yes. If you would like to spin off the account info/meeting info from your personal Zoom account you can choose to enter an alternative email. The next time you sign in with your work email, you will be joined to the CCS Zoom account.