This page contains information, resources, and license changes made to facilitate remote work and education.

RDG Server

Directions for Accessing Your Campus Desktop Remotely using RDG

CCS Accessing Your Desktop Remotely

This video shows users how to access your desktop remotely using the RDG Server. 

Message About Cyber Security Vigilance 

Cybercriminals are acutely aware of changes in our work environment. There is an uptick in cybercrime activity centered around the coronavirus. They are preying on people's fears.


Be careful. Practice your cyber skills.

  1. Are you expecting the email?
  2. Is there a sense of urgency?
  3. Is there a call to action? Click on a link?
  4. Are you being asked to sign in?


Make sure to use your CCS email for all College and District business while working remotely.

Zoom License Changes

CCS has expanded the availability of Zoom to all faculty, staff, and students. Zoom is a video/audio/chat program that can be used on PCs, Macs, personal devices such as smartphones and tablets. Additionally, CCS has expanded the capabilities of our Zoom licensing to allow our Polycom ITV equipped classrooms, conference rooms, and meeting spaces to connect to Zoom meetings.

Note: Zoom security changes as of July 1st, 2020, more information available in this article.

There are three separate account types:

  • Licensed
  • Basic
  • Per Meeting Guest


The most significant differences are that Basic accounts are limited to scheduling Zoom Meetings lasting 45 mins max. Additionally, meetings scheduled by a Basic account holder will not allow calls from the Polycom room systems. Important: Basic account holders, as well as Per Meeting Guests, can attend any meeting of any type, without limitations.


Who Needs an Account?


There is a max number of Licensed accounts. All CCS employees that Sign In at the CCS Zoom Portal will establish a Licensed account. If you never schedule events/meetings nor host a meeting or training – you will most likely not need a Licensed account. If you are invited to an HR training and get the Zoom Meeting to invite, you simply click the link, follow the prompts – enter a name/nickname and attend the event. No need to have an account of your own, you are a Per Meeting Guest for that meeting.


If you are an instructor, office assistant, program coordinator, etc. you may find it beneficial to have your account to schedule classes, training, and events. We will eventually have 'on behalf of' capability for scheduling, so in that situation, a Dean will want to sign it to establish an account as will their administrative assistant(s).


Students using their email address will be assigned Basic accounts by default. Students who have not accessed through the portal with their student email account, they will not establish a personal account. Still, they can attend any class, meeting, event via Zoom as a Per Meeting Guest, as long as the Meeting ID was shared with the student(s) by the organizer/faculty member.



Existing and New Zoom Accounts


Zoom account holders that 1) obtained personal Zoom accounts using their work/student email or 2) were issued an account by eLearning via their work email will retain everything about their account, including all upcoming scheduled events. Account-holders that were active before 3/19 used a password of their choosing with Zoom. IT has established Single Sign-On (SSO), and all accounts with CCS email addresses will use their CCS network credentials (your full email address and regular CCS password) to authenticate with Zoom. This process is the same as Office365 authentication, and you are redirected to a CCS branded webpage, where you enter your work email and password, then you are redirected to Zoom and logged in. You then use your work credentials with Zoom (website, desktop app, mobile app) going forward. *Some* users with personal accounts that used work email will be prompted to join the CCS Spokane Zoom account. You can confirm that then you are taken to the next step.



Want to Get Started?


CCS Zoom Portal


That is the best place to get started. More links and info may be added to the portal periodically, so you may want to bookmark it.


Helpful Info

Directions for Using Zoom in a Web Browser


Zoom Video Tutorials 

Zoom User Help


Want just to try out Zoom? No strings attached, see if your webcam and mic work? If your iPhone will be suitable? 


Zoom has an impressive COVID-19 resource section with lots of tips for working, teaching, and learning from home. 

Cisco Anyconnect VPN Changes

To provide service to everyone that needs it, we have installed a temporary license that will allow many more users to connect. If over the last two days you have received "Login Failed" when attempting to connect, that problem should be solved.

AnyConnect VPN Instructions

Video Resources

Accessing and Using Office 365 Cloud Storage

Directions for Accessing One Drive

Directions for Uploading Files to OneDrive

This video shows users how to access and use CCS Office 365 OneDrive/cloud storage. Includes moving folders and files so that they are accessible from anywhere.

Setting Up OneDrive Cloud Storage Syncing

This video shows users how to establish the sync between your OneDrive cloud storage as well as ensure testing that it is functioning correctly. Includes how to access from different places both online and on your local device.