1. Go to https://ptprd.ctclink.us/psp/ptprd/?cmd=login

2. Click on “First Time User?”

Image shows first time user link

3. Fill in the Four required fields;

a. First name

b. Last name

c. Date of birth in the shown format

d. The ctcLink Id (New) or SID (Old) *****The only time you would select SID (Old) is if you attended CCS prior to ctcLink and have not been provided a new nine digit ID number that begins 201.

4. Once all questions have been answered click Submit

5. On the next screen, you will need to

  • select three security Questions to answer
  • provide you unique answers to the questions
  • enter the password that you would like use and confirm that password.
    • (***The password must be at least 8 characters and include and upper case, lower case as well as a number or special characters)

Image shows Set your Password screen

6. Click Submit

7. You will then receive the message below, If you selected SID (OLD) on step 3(d) then you will need to write down the new ctcLink ID number that is in this pop-up (this will now be your new ID Number and what you use to logon to ctcLink)

Image shows a Message reading that Your account has been activated

8. Once you click OK you will receive the Account Activation Successful message shown below

Message reading "Account Activation was complete successfully.  You can now continue to the ctcLink login page

9. You can now go back to https://ptprd.ctclink.us/psp/ptprd/?cmd=login and logon with your ctcLink ID number and password that you selected.

Note:  If you are a newly registered student, it can take up to 24 hours before you can activate your account once you have been provided your ctcLink ID number. It can then take another 24 Hours before you will be able to successfully logon to ctcLink and view your institution. (You will usually see a pop-up message after logging in that states “Error Getting Content” This means you are not yet affiliated with a campus yet, that information should be updated overnight) If after 48 Hours of registering you are still not able to access your account call the IT Support Center (509) 533-4357 Option 2