I Don't See Any Zoom Recordings in Panopto...


First, confirm you are looking at the correct folders in Panopto. If you didn't change the Default Folder for Zoom recordings in Panopto, you will be looking for a 'Meeting Recordings' folder in Panopto. If you arranged to direct certain Zoom Meeting ID to a certain folder in Panopto make sure that arrangement is correct and you haven't incorrectly entered the Meeting ID or chosen the wrong Panopto folder.

Go back to User Settings - Info and double check the setup. If, for some reason, your email address is not correct, put in a general ticket describing the details: https://ccspokane.freshservice.com/catalog/request_items/120


A good breakdown of how the Folder structure in Panopto works is here: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Folder-Management

NOTE: You can arrange to have Panopto notify you by email when your recording is done by checking the 'Email me when....' option. There is a similar option in Zoom as well - but that is information about Zoom processing your recording and then handing it off to Panopto. If you choose to be informed in both cases, only the Panopto notification will reflect the permanent recording. After a period of time recordings stored with Zoom will be purged, while the Panopto copy remains indefinitely.