Cloud Recording Requirements


  • CCS Zoom account authenticated with a CCS email account (,,, Login on to the app, to or
  • Active ctcLink account and password
  • An account with Canvas or Panopto that uses your ctcLink account


Generally, Faculty that have been instructing using Canvas and Panopto in the past or are setup in the current quarter with Canvas classes will have their associated Panopto folders, student permissions, etc. setup. CCS eLearning assists Faculty and staff with Canvas/Panopto basics. They offer online trainings and other material and this is often announced through CCS-wide and campus-wide email. Jerry Troupe with eLearning can be contacted directly at 509-533-7010 or at If you are logged into Canvas (or Panopto) the built-in support options are where users should start. If you are familiar with Canvas and Panopto and know you have Panopto access and understand the basics, you can skip to the section about Zoom + Panopto Integration.


Staff and Admins

Classified staff, Administrators, etc. may not have active Panopto accounts (or actively used Canvas accounts), but they can confirm they have a Panopto account, or initiate the creation of their Panopto account with a few simple steps.

             Sign into the CCS Panopto site with your ctcLink/Canvas credentials at:



                Click Sign In and enter your ctcLinkID and password. If asked, authorize Panopto to access your Canvas account. Choose 'Remember my authorization..'.



If you were not asked to authorize Panopto with Canvas, you had an active Panopto account. If you successfully log in to Panopto you are presented with your Panopto landing page. If you had logged in previously you will most likely not be presented with the Welcome/Tour page.


Workstudy, Student Tutors and Student Employees

Workstudy, Student Tutors and Student Employees that wish to record their Zoom sessions to Panopto will need to establish a Panopto account associated with their, or email accounts. These same students have simultaneous (but separate) access under their accounts to both Zoom and Panopto (and Canvas, with their ctcLink logon info). When acting on behalf of CCS as a workstudy or a tutor these students should be using their CCS email and their CCS Zoom account associated with their CCS email account. To arrange Zoom/Panopto for these students, supervisors and students should:

Zoom + Panopto Integration


By default, a scheduler's Zoom meeting Cloud recordings will go into the same user's Panopto account in a sub-folder 'Meeting Recordings'. Users can change this default location. Additionally Zoom Meeting ID's can be routed to specific Panopto folders owned by the Zoom Scheduler. 


  • Login to Panopto with your Canvas credentials at

  • Go to your Name in the upper right corner - click the Down Arrow after your name. Choose User Settings.

  • User Settings defaults to the Info tab. Confirm your email address (not user changeable, but needs to match your current work email address, if it does not match, contact eLearning through the Help link in Panopto)

  • In the Zoom section on the Info tab you can make a couple changes
    • If you want your Zoom recordings (that are not mapped in the section below) to go to any folder other than 'Meeting Recordings' you can change it here. You may want to close out of User Settings, make a new folder or sub folder in Panopto then come back in and set that as your default for Zoom recordings.

    • In the 'Create folder mappings….' section this is where you will take your Recurring Zoom Class Meeting ID from Zoom and then pair that to whatever Panopto folder you want. In the sample below, 3 Zoom IDs are paired with 3 Panopto folders. You can add as many as you like and can remove them as needed. Incorrectly associated pairings have no function and you can't inadvertently redirect a Zoom recording to a folder you don't own.
    • You may want to select the option to 'Email me when sessions are finished processing'  - this will alert you when Panopto is done processing any recordings from Zoom, videos you have uploaded manually and any recordings you have made with the Panopto desktop app.

  • In the above sample, Meeting Recordings (largest arrow) is showing because this user has already held a Zoom meeting that was recorded to the Cloud and moved to Panopto. Users that have yet to record Zoom to the Cloud will show a default folder,  #Zoom - that is a placeholder that will be replaced by Panopto after the first recording comes in from Zoom. If you prefer to have the default location of 'Meeting Recordings', just leave this unchanged (below).