Recording Types - Locally or to the Cloud


Zoom allows a meeting to be recorded to the Host's PC/Mac or to the Cloud. Recording can be enabled/disabled by the scheduler and the distinction between local or Cloud can be made during the scheduling of the meeting or during a meeting (by the Host only). For PC/Mac recording the host must be signed into Zoom and running the meeting. If the host is conducting a meeting they can trigger the recording start/stop from their application interface. Note: if you are hosting a meeting and plan to host from a smart device (iPhone, Android, etc) you should choose Cloud recording during the scheduling process. If you decide to record a meeting after it starts and are on a smart device, the only option will be Cloud recording.


Local Recordings


Locally recording to the host PC/Mac is a simple process. After the meeting ends the host is notified that the Meeting files are being processed and a window will open on the local PC/Mac, showing the audio and video files being processed. You have the option to close the processing and process the video later by double-clicking the .zoom file located in the local recording folder on your PC/Mac. A good video of the process is located at Zoom's website. Note: the Cloud recording details located on the Zoom support site vary slightly because CCS users will have their Cloud recordings transferred to Panopto automatically. Once completed, you can upload the .mp4 video file to Panopto (if you wish to share it with others).

Cloud Recordings


If you choose to record your meeting to the Cloud, your meeting will be processed by Zoom, then moved to Panopto automatically. The association from Zoom to Panopto is based on the Zoom scheduler's email address and the associated email address in Panopto. Note: Panopto piggybacks off Canvas for user authentication. Canvas uses ctcLink information for login while CCS Zoom users authenticate with their Office365/CCS Network accounts. In some situations a Zoom account holder will not have a corresponding Panopto folder. This happens primarily with 1) CCS employees that are not active Canvas/Panopto users (staff and admin) 2) Students that are employed as work studies, tutors, etc and have been issued CCS employee email addresses (@sfcc, @scc, domains). Look at the Zoom Cloud Recording solution article for more details.

Below are the Default recording settings in Zoom. You can change these as needed, but these were determined to be the optimal settings for most situations. If you change your settings and wish to return them to the default settings you can in Settings --> Recording (tab) - Cloud Recording section.