Getting Started


If you haven't signed up yet, start at you can begin with the Sign-In button.



Single Sign-On (SSO)


The methodology for allowing Zoom to use your CCS work account to login to Zoom is called Single Sign-On (SSO). When you login at or and enter your Work/Student email address you will be directed to allow Zoom to login with your CCS credentials. This is the same process used to login to Office 365 through a web browser as well as other services used by CCS such as Adobe Cloud, NuPark, etc.

Students are entitled to an official CCS account with Zoom using their accounts. For security reasons, students, staff and faculty should always attend CCS Zoom events/classes logged in with their official accounts. Faculty will have the option of ONLY allowing authenticated student accounts into live classes, starting July 2020.


You'll be directed to enter your CCS email and network password through a series of steps.

Zoom should recognize all CCS email addresses but if not, you may be asked to enter your Zoom domain. The CCS Zoom domain is CCS-SPOKANE.


If you have 2-Step authentication turned on for your CCS account (you should), you will be asked to follow through with those steps as well.

Running The Zoom Application

Once you have initiated your Zoom account you will be logged into the Zoom website. The most control of your account is offered through the website, but there are applications for Mac/PC, iOS, Android and Linux. When you attend or host your first meeting you will be prompted to install the client for your platform. Zoom is a client based application and does not require elevated rights to install on CCS-owned equipment. If you wish to install Zoom on your devices you can find all Zoom versions here:

Zoom Client Essentials

Zoom is primarily a Cloud service and the client software and applications are constantly being updated. The best place to find detailed information on the everyday usage of Zoom is through Zoom's website at