Often when you call the IT Support Center for assistance, we need to know important details about your computer.  To make it easier to gather this information, we have created a small application to help answer these questions.  It is called CCS IT Contact Information.

Using a Mac?

  • Click here for instructions on locating your computer's name.
  • Need help determining your Mac model or serial number?  Visit the Apple support page here.
  • Need help determining which version of macOS your device is running?  Visit the Apple support page here.

Description/Steps for Resolution

      Step One - Launch the Start Menu

      Go to the lower left corner of your screen and click on the Windows Tile (Start menu)


Step Two - Locate the tile for CCS IT Contact Information
(Circled in red in screen shot below)

Step Three - Access Computer Information
Click on the tile to get the report for the computer you are currently logged into.

If you are filling out a support request:
Copy and paste these details into your support request. Follow this link to access the IT Self Service portal.  You will need to login with your network username and password.

If you are working with an IT Support Center technician:
You may be asked to provide this information over the phone.

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