Your network account provides you with 

  • a logon account for college-owned student equipment
  • an email account in the mail domain (hosted through Microsoft's Office 365 cloud service)
  • access to Office 365 online or through downloadable applications
  • access to the campus wifi network (CCS Net)

Description/Steps for Resolution

Username Information
Your username is a combination of your First Name, Last Name Initial, and the last four digits of your ctcLink ID number.

For example, a student whose name was Jane Doe and whose ctcLink ID number was 123456789 would have her username created as follows:

  • First name: Jane
  • Last name initial: D
  • Last four digits of ctcLink ID number: 6789

With this information, her completed username would be: JaneD6789

A couple of notes about your first name for the purposes of your accounts.

  1. If your first name is hyphenated or has spaces in it, these will be removed. So, Rae-Ann will become RaeAnn; Mary Beth will become MaryBeth.
  2. The system will use the name you applied to school with. Thus, if you applied to school as Raymond, but are usually called Ray, your account will use Raymond for your name.
  3. If you change your name (either the first or last name), please, change it first in your Admissions and Registration information. IT is working out the details of how this change occurs with your student account, so check with us a few working days after you've made the change with Admissions and Registration.

Email Information

The information that you provided on your application for admission is used to create an Office 365 account.  This provides you with an email address in the form:

So Jane Doe from the earlier example would have an email address that looked like this:

Password Information

Your initial password is set to your ctcLink ID number (9 digits).

The first time you log on to your account, on a college-owned computer or through Office 365, you will be required to reset your password. This password length must be seven (7) to fourteen (14) characters long and not contain a portion of your name or username. This password will become the password for your Bigfoot email and Office 365 account, as well.

Your Bigfoot synchronization of passwords for college accounts and Office 365 accounts functions in both directions. In other words, if you change your password for your college account, that will also be the password for your Office 365 account.  Additionally, if you change your Office 365 password, that will be the password for your college account.

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