If you have forgotten your Office 365 password AND you have set up your recovery tool, you can reset your password by following these instructions.


1.      Go to the Office 365 login page:


2.      From a blank login screen (like that shown below), click the link “Can’t access your account?”

3.      Then, click the link “Work or school account”

Login screen when you can't remember your password

  •          On the “Get back into your account” page,

a.      enter your User ID – this is your full bigfoot email address

                                                              i.      First name

                                                             ii.      Last initial

                                                           iii.      Last four digits of your ctcLink ID #

b.      the Captcha information

c.       Click “Next”


Image of screen to enter known username and Captcha information


  •          Select the verification method you prefer.  In the example below, the verification method is three of the four security questions you set up previously.  These answers are not case-sensitive.

a.      When you have answered the questions, the Next button will be available.


Image of screen to select recovery tool

  •         Choose a new password

a.      Your password must be at least 7 characters long and cannot contain part of your username.


Screen after you have successfully provided the recovery information.  Enter a new password

  •          Password reset success is indicated with the following screen

Image of successful password reset process.