In order to set or reset your password, we need you to go through the following process one time to gather security information that will allow you to verify who you are.  No one can view this information.  We do, however, encourage you to select your recovery methods wisely (and hopefully select more than one).


To get started with Office 365 and the related tools, you need to follow the link below.


Log into Office 365 screen with highlighted note asking to select Home or School account


Additional Authentication needed

In any one of the following situations, you probably will be required to provide additional login information. 

If you are doing accessing Office 365 from

·         off-campus

·         on-campus but

o   from a Mac

o   from Firefox

o   from your personal equipment


You will see the following dialog box.  You will need to re-enter your bigfoot email address and your password, again.

Image of "Authentication Required" dialog box.  You must re-enter username and password.



New message “Additional info required”


Whether you are entering your password for the first time, or logging in for the first time since the additional security features have been added (December 15, 2017), you will be presented with the next screen.  To continue using Office 365, you should click Next and provide the additional information requested.  (NOTE:  The system will not require you to complete this information, but it will continue to remind you until you do.)

Image of new screen asking for additional information

Don’t lose access to your account!

You will be presented with three different options for setting up your password recovery tools.  You only need to use one of these approaches, although we would like to encourage you to use at least two of them.

Image of screen that details the methods for password recovery

  •          With the Authentication Phone, you can choose to have the system text you or call you on the phone specified.  Be sure to be near to phone when you are setting up the recovery tool or when you use the recovery tool.
  •          With the Authentication Email, choose a different email address that you have access to.  The system will send an email to that address with a link to reset your password.
  •          With Security Questions, you will choose four security questions with your specific answers.  If you need to use this approach to reset your password, then you will have to answer three of the four questions correctly.  The system will pick which three questions to give to you.


Authentication Phone

Image of first screen for Authentication PhoneImage of second screen for Authentication Phone

Authentication Email

Image of first screen for Authentication EmailImage of second screen for Authentication Email

Security Questions

Image of screen for Security Questions

Final screen

When you’ve set at least one recovery mode, you can click the Finish button to proceed to Office 365.

Sample screen after all three recovery tools have been set up

Initial Office 365 screen

Image of Office 365 home screen