Give us Feedback


Our ticketing system has an area for Solutions.  These are short articles on topics and solutions to common problems.  It is an ongoing process to create useful Solutions for you.  You can help by letting us know which Solutions are useful and which ones need to be updated or retired.  This article is the step-by-step process for providing feedback to us.


1.       From your IT Support Center Portal homepage, select “Browse Solutions”.

2.       From this screen, you can search for a topic or browse through the various Solutions categories for the topic of interest.

3.       Question at the end of every Solutions article

a.       We appreciate your responses to this question.  It’s always nice to hear that something was helpful to you.

b.       Additionally, if an article is not helpful; we appreciate learning about that and having the opportunity to fix it.

4.       If you answer No to the above question, the following dialog box will appear.  Fill it out as well as possible, so we can work on improving the Solution.  When you send us Feedback with comments, this will generate a ticket for a technician to work on improving the Solutions article.