Why are we doing this?

All students already pay a fee to provide printing capabilities on their campus.  The fund of money created by this fee is used to pay for paper, toner, repairs, and the purchase of new printers.  This new system is a fairer method of charging for printing.  Average and low-use students should find that the starting balance easily covers their printing needs; higher-use students may need to add additional funds to their account.


How does this system function for students?

At the beginning of each quarter your print account is provided with a starting balance of $10.  The charges for prints are as follows:

Type of Print B/W Single-Sided B/W Duplex Color Single-Sided Color Duplex
Cost per Page 2₵ 1.5₵ 7₵ 5.25₵

You may notice that the charges for duplex printing (1.5 and 5.25 cents per page) are not whole numbers.  Print Manager Plus does not charge fractional amounts to your account - the charges for a print job are rounded up to the nearest whole penny.  See below for examples:

Type of Print Number of Pages Cost per Page Subtotal Final Charge
B/W Duplex 13 $0.0150 $0.1950 $0.20
Color Duplex 5 $0.0525 $0.2625 $0.27

In most computer labs, the only difference you will see when you print is a confirmation message about how much this print job will be charged to your print quota.

In both libraries and some large computer labs, there are specialized computers called Release Stations at each printer. As you send print jobs to the printer, those jobs stay in a waiting queue. When you go to the release station to have jobs printed, you log into the release station application to see a list of your jobs. You then decide which jobs to send to the printer.

If you deplete your starting balance and need to print additional pages, you can add money to your account at the SCC or SFCC libraries.  The librarians can take cash or checks for these transactions.  A nice feature of this system is that the money you add to your account will carry over from quarter to quarter.

Login to Print Manager Plus (PMP)

Times when you login to Printer Manager Plus are to:

  • To view your balance or printing history (From a browser on a college-owned computer, or your own device)
  • To release a print job

Print Confirmation window

You will see a Confirmation dialog box after giving the print command. 

Printing from personal devices

You are now able to print from your personal devices (laptop, tablet, phone), as long as the device is connected to the CCS Net wifi network.


Print Manager Plus FAQs

Getting new supplies and repairs