A number of conference and classrooms across the College contain necessary equipment to conduct video conferencing; such as a plasma television, video camera, speakers and microphones. Connections are also available for connecting an external laptop for presentation purposes.

Setting up and Powering on the Room

1. Turn on the Projector using the remote.

2. Turn on the Polycom by touching the Polycom Control Screen.

3. Turn on any other devices to be used for the conference (TV, mic, dvd, etc.)

Joining a Video Conference

1. From the Home screen select Place a Call

2. In the dialing field, enter the dialing information.

Dialing Examples:

— (IP address—include the dots)

— 034160 (GDS Number)


To enter letters, press Keyboard on the Polycom Control Screen.

3. Press Call on the remote to initiate the call.

Call progress indicators appear on the screen to show that the call is in progress. When the indicators turn green, the call is connected.

Attached is the comprehensive Polycom user's guide.