Print Manager Plus!

Student – Printing from personal equipment


How to access the Web-Interface:

Printing from your personal equipment requires that your laptop, tablet, or cell phone be connected to the CCS NET Wi-Fi. Using any browser, open a tab to URL to bring up the logon screen



User name and password are the same ones you would use to logon to any on-campus computer, once entered click the “Log In” button

The first screen you will see is the Release screen.


After you have logged on you will be able to upload documents to be printed at a later time, print uploaded documents, check on how much is left in your account balance, and see the history of what you have printed.


How to print your documents:

The process is broken into two parts

Upload what you want to print

Send uploaded documents to printer queue.


To upload a document

Connect your personal device or checkout laptop to the CCS NET Wi-Fi while on campus.

From your browser open and logon to the Web Interface (

Select the Print tab on the Web-Site menu bar.

Click the Select File to Upload button to browse your device for the file(s) to be uploaded.



Once the file to be printed is uploaded, click the Next button to put your print job into a printer queue for printing when you are in the vicinity of the selected printer..



Start by selecting an appropriate printer.


In most labs/classrooms there is signage telling you the name of the printer that is there. If there is not the printers are named so that you can easily tell which one to select.

The first letter will tell you which campus the printer is on:

“F” is on the SFCC (Falls) campus

“S” is on the SCC campus

The three numbers after the letter will tell you which building the printer is in:

The next 4 characters will tell you which room the printer is in.

For labs/classrooms with more than one printer the last part will tell you which one you want.

For Example:

F018-0214-Printer: Black and White printer at SFCC in building 18 in classroom 0214.

S009-0210-Printer: Black and White printer at SCC in building 09 in lab 0210

S009-0210-ColorPrinter: Color printer at SCC in building 09 in lab 0210


The other settings, such and number of copies, are presented for the options available with the specific printer selected.  When you have all the settings as desired, click on the Next button.




To print a document that you have uploaded

Go to the lab/classroom with the selected network printer.

  • If the selected printer has a release station, login to the release station and release your document(s).
  • If the selected lab does not have a release station, login from any device connected to the CCS NET Wi-Fi (a campus computer, personal laptop, personal tablet, or even your smartphone) open a browser open and logon to the Web Interface.
  • From the Release tab, select Release or Delete for each job shown in the window.