The two kinds of tickets in FreshService are Service Requests and Incidents.  It’s important to know the difference between the two since they are worked on by different technicians. Filling out the wrong form can cause delays in processing your request. 

An Incident is an unexpected disruption of regular work. Examples include:

My phone doesn’t have a dial tone

My computer won’t turn on

A Service Request can be any of a myriad of options. Therefore, we have a Service Catalog for you to browse through or search to find your specific request. Examples include

Install software

Create a new distribution list

Purchase a new printer or computer to replace an older model

This article describes the submission process for Service Requests.  For Incidents, please see the article titled "How do I submit an Incident in FreshService?"

Description/Steps for Resolution

Requesting a Service

The Service Catalog consolidates all the services that you are entitled to. This makes it easy for you to request services by providing a one stop shop on the portal.  You can request the services you need in a few easy steps. 

Step One - Navigate to the FreshService Main Page

Go to If you are on the CCS wireless or off campus click Sign In (upper right hand corner of the screen). 

Step Two - Select your ticket type

Click on either Service Catalog or Request a Service.

the Freshservice portal showing the location of the Service catalog tab and the Request a Service button

Step Three - Select your service
From the list of services click on the one that you want to request, or search for it directly using the Search bar. If you can’t find a request for the service you need, use the request that best fits. If a ticket has a description field, make sure you are putting in a description that is specific. If you use something like Help in the description field of all your tickets, tracking them will be a challenge.

 the Service Catalog showing the Software Request category outlined)


Step Four - Provide Details
Use the provided fields to describe your request.

Dialog box with fields filled out

Step Five - Place the Request
If you are placing the request on somebody else's behalf, enter their email address and then click on Place Request.

Request Window with the Place Request button highlighted

Your Service Request will be created. You can keep track of it from the Tickets tab within FreshService.

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