How to Update Staff Directories


College Websites

Both SCC and SFCC public-facing websites have department level staff directories in several presentation formats:

  •  Index of contact information, including a link icon to any EasyWebs maintained by faculty
  •  Photo option includes the above plus a standardized photo
  •  Bio option includes the above plus a short (1 – 2 paragraph) friendly bio
  •  Bio-only option with contact information and bio, but no photo

The contact information for all the options is derived from Active Directory, the same database that informs Outlook.  Therefore, in order to add/remove/edit employee information from the directory, simply submit a request to FreshService using the appropriate Accounts and Email template to Create/Delete/Change the network account. 


The bio information for those directories that use it is maintained manually on the specific college website.  Submit a bio using the FreshService  Website Content Update template from the Website & Development category in the Service Catalog.


EXCEPTIONS:  A few directories on each college web are NOT automated.  The automated staff directories have a Windows Active Directory logo icon appearing in the bottom right corner.    Powered by Active Directory  If this icon is missing, then all of the listing information is maintained by web developers.  Submit a FreshService service request using the Website Content Update template for these changes.


CCS-wide Staff Directory

In addition to the department staff directories, there is a CCS-wide directory which uses multiple data sources including Active Directory.  This is because not every employee has a network account, therefore enterprise data is used to list these employees as well.  Contact information for these employees comes from their human resources records.  To make changes to these listings, start by making the changes in Active Directory as outlined above.  Should the outdated information persist, correct the information in ctcLink, or contact HR for further direction.

Article reviewed on 12/19/2016 by Cattadoris