Go to www.zoom.us

Shared staff account is helpdesk@ccs.spokane.edu with a password of ##zoom!!

1. Choose Schedule a Meeting

 2. Setup the details

Name your meeting, set date time, etc.  - it is imperative that when scheduling a meeting you are not scheduling over an existing meeting. If you find your chosen time is taken by someone else already (there is a decent probability of this) then contact the helpdesk about securing a Zoom meeting on an alternative account (specific account details will be provided to you directly at that time).

Make sure ‘Enable join before host’ is enabled (generally is by default). What this does is allow any participant to connect ‘early’ and start the meeting. The alternative is the host (CCS) gets in late and the event isn’t started and the other participants (generally an interviewee) gets concerned because it says the event isn’t ready yet.

3. After you hit schedule you get a confirmation page. You can download and Outlook (ICS) calendar item and it will open Outlook with the correct date and time and some information – saves you a few clicks in regards to generating a meeting invite. Be warned, there is a lot of extraneous information embedded into the meeting invite. You’ll want to remote any extra information and formulate a message as it relates to your specific need (personal greeting, ‘this is for you interview’, etc).

For all practical purposes, each participant ONLY needs the URL/meeting ID for their particular event. If you click Copy the invitation you get a pop-up window. You can grab the meeting URL (circled below) and then just email the other participants, send it out via a meeting invite, etc.

4. To attend the meeting you merely need a webcam/mic attached to a computer. This can be a laptop or desktop that has a webcam installed. Increasingly we have installed dedicated PCs with wireless keyboard/mice in small meeting spaces. The spaces that have webcams (usually attached to the TV) work well with Zoom (or Skype or Lync, as needed). At the most basic level, all you need to know is the meeting ID (576562708 in the example above). You don’t need to be logged into Outlook, nor type out the entire URL, nor log into Webmail, etc, etc. Simply.

1. Open a browser, go to http://zoom.us

2. Choose Join a Meeting on the Zoom homepage

3. Type in your meeting ID and hit Join

You don’t need to sign into anything. There may be the Zoom desktop Application on certain computers – but many people still find it is easier to go to the webpage, join that way and let the Zoom website trigger the necessary plugin/application on the computer.

For meetings in succession, you would schedule the meetings with start and stop times and only distribute the meeting ID to the appropriate attendees for each scheduled event. You would join the meeting, close Zoom/Browser when done, then start over again in the browser using the next meeting ID. This eliminates any crossover of meeting attendees.