When hosts schedule meetings, they send an email to invited attendees with the information on how to join. The meeting can also be joined from your WebEx site.

Join a meeting from an email

1. Open your invitation message, and then click the link to join the meeting. The 'Meeting Information' page appears.

2. Under 'Join Meeting Now', enter your name, email address, and the meeting password.

3. Click Join. You are connected to the meeting.

Join a meeting from a WebEx site

1. Open a web browser and navigate to the WebEx site.

2. Go to Host a Meeting and then click on My Meetings.

3. You'll have two options in the drop down menu: 'The meetings you host' and 'The meetings you are invited to'. Select 'The meetings you are invited to' and choose the meeting to attend.

4. click Join.

Joining unlisted meetings

To join an unlisted meeting, click Attend a Meeting, then enter the meeting number and click Join.

If the meeting is in the host's Personal Room, type the host's room ID (acassidy, for example).  

Connect to audio

Once you've joined a meeting, WebEx makes it simple to connect to the audio portion of the conference. Click the Connect to Audio panel to connect using the same method you used during the last WebEx meeting you joined, or click the dots (...) to display more options.

Call Using Computer

1. This lets you make a 'Voice over IP' (VoIP) call over the public internet or over your company's corporate network.

2. From within WebEx click Call Using Computer. You are connected to the audio conference.

3. Adjust your speaker and microphone settings as needed.

4. We recommend that you use a stereo USB headset to enjoy the best audio quality during your meeting.

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Call Me

1. This lets you dial out from WebEx to the telephone number of your choice.

2. From within WebEx click Call Me. You will receive a call and may be prompted to press 1 to connect into your meeting.

3. By selecting the check box Remember phone number on this computer you can store this number for future meetings.

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I Will Call In

1. This lets you dial into your meeting from your telephone.

2. From within WebEx click I will Call In and then dial the phone number listed, enter the meeting access code, and enter your attendee ID # (if requested).

What happens if I need assistance?

  • If something is not working call the IT Support Center at 533-4357