Getting Help with My Computer Problem

IT Services appreciates your attempts to resolve problems yourself.  If, however, you need assistance; please contact the CCS, IT Support Center.

You can contact the CCS HelpDesk:

Acceptable Use Guidelines

View the CCS Acceptable Use Guidelines Policy

NOTE: Although the policy says technology resources may be used on an occasional and limited basis for personal reasons. Limiting your Internet activities to 'be consistent with the purposes and objectives of the Community Colleges of Spokane' significantly reduces the chance you or the computer you use will come in contact with any of the threats described above.” there is a significant risk to doing so.

Using a computer for entertainment or commercial (shopping) activities significantly increases your risk of encountering worms, malware and undesirable SPAM. Realize any of these threats poses a security risk to you, your coworkers, the college, and may result in lost data or productivity.

Three Common Security Risks

  1. Receiving email
    • Don't Open Unexpected Attachments.
      • For maximum security, only open expected attachments from people you know.
      • CCS runs email scanning software, which deletes many attachments that are most likely to have dangerous code. This is not fool-proof, so stay wary.
    • Avoid Becoming a Victim of Email Scams (Phishing)
      • Lately, these have been the source of our worst security breaches.
      • We will NEVER request your password, so NEVER respond to these requests with your password and other identifying information.
  2. Visiting websites
  3. Sending email
    • Think about emails sent to the wrong recipient on subjects like bad test scores, termination notices, pay raise denials, extremely personal e-mail conversations or medical information. Think it can’t happen to you? Think again.