You can help us manage our work load by contacting our IT Support Center with your computer problems, instead of waiting to "catch-a-tech."

We are certain that everyone has noticed our technicians are very busy these days, which can lead to it taking longer to get work for you done. You can help us manage our work load is by contacting our Support Center at HELP (4357), with your computer problems, instead of waiting to "catch-a-tech", or through our other contact avenues.

Description/Steps for Resolution
"Catch-a-tech" is most often used when you have a little problem or a question, it's not very serious, and you know how to work around it for the time being. You figure you'll just wait until you can "catch" a customer support technician, and address your problem then. Many people think they are doing us a favor by not "bothering" the Support Center with their problem or question (and we appreciate the thoughtfulness!).   Unfortunately, however, there are a couple of drawbacks to this approach.
  • The technician you catch is likely working on something else, for someone else, so by "catching" him or her, you are interrupting their current task. This delays the service requested by whoever the technician is helping, or on route to assist at the time.
  • If your problem is not something that can be resolved immediately, there is the chance that the technician will forget about you and your problem by the time they get back to the office, and have a chance to record the information you have provided.
We have two ways for you to report your computing issues to us and get a technician assigned to work with you on the solution. They all work well, so use whichever works best for you.

By Phone:
  • Call us at HELP (4357)
  • The Support Center is staffed during regular college business hours
Through FreshService
  • This tool will generate a ticket for immediate action.
  • The major advantage to the portal is that it provides us with additional information (when used on campus) about the computer you are using to make the report.
  • You can, also, attach screen shots with this technique.

As always, we are happy to assist you, and appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep things going smoothly.  Please also consider looking at these other articles you may find helpful:

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IT Support Center formerly known as the HelpDesk

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