All students at CCS are provided with a Bigfoot email account.  These are instructions for how to access that email account from a web browser.

Description/Steps for Resolution
Step One - Navigate to the login page

Open your favorite browser and
use this link to get to your email login page.  If you would like, you might consider creating a bookmark for this location.

Step Two - Enter your credentials

Your Bigfoot email address is exactly the same as your college login, the same username and password used to login to campus computers.

For example, a student whose name was Jane Doe and whose ctcLink ID number was 123456789 would have her username created as follows:

  • First name: Jane
  • Last name initial: D
  • Last four digits of ctcLink ID number: 6789
  • CCS student email domain:

With this information, her completed user ID would be:

Note - If you are accessing your email from a public computer, we suggest that you uncheck the boxes for “Remember me” and “Remember my password”

More Information

Your login page will be located at the same web address no matter where you log in from. The login screens presented, however, will look slightly different depending upon your location. Follow the link below to see screen shots of the login process.

Accessing Office 365

Additional Features

Take a few minutes to become familiar with the many features available to you. Some interesting options available:

  • You can personalize your Bigfoot account
  • Your own personal calendar and contacts
  • Access to Office 365 in the cloud applications with the ability to download the applications to five devices -- PC, Mac, phone
  • 50GB of storage space available through OneDrive
  • You can store pictures or videos
  • Create a webpage or blog

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