Announcements Editor Instructions for SCC and SFCC Internet announcement-enabled pages

(For Home Page announcements - use the Comport if you are an authorized user; or contact Marketing and Public Relations.)

1. Go to the SCC or SFCC Home page.
2. Navigate to the Faculty & Staff page.
3. Click on the
Announcement Editor link.
4. Log in using your network account username and password.
5. From the “Select a web page” drop-down box, select the targeted announcement-enabled page.

     a.  You can request that a web page be enabled by submitting a Website Content Update ticket in FreshService.
6. The editor is, by default, ready for a new announcement.
      a. To edit, select the announcement you want to edit by its title from the “Select an announcement” drop-down.
      b. If the announcement is older than the date range displayed in the “Filter announcement by date range” text boxes, then change the dates to get the correct range.
      c. Click “Apply Filter” and the announcement should now show up in the “Select an announcement” drop-down.
7. The red asterisks indicate required fields. The Title displays on the web page as a bolded header.
8. Enter the date range for which you want the announcement to display. The dates are inclusive.
9. You can use the “WYSIWYG” editor to format the body of your announcement.
10. All the other fields are optional.  Together they add pre-formatted information to the end of the announcement display.
11. Be sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the form.
12. The announcement should display immediately upon refreshing the web page. 

13. If your announcement start date is in the future, edit the start date to the current date to view it. Then restore the future date when you are satisfied.

Article reviewed on 12/19/2016 by Cattadoris