CCSNet is our college WiFi network, accessible to students and staff.  These instructions detail how to connect to this network from a phone running the Windows phone OS.

Description/Steps to Resolve Issue

Step One - Launch Settings

From your home screen, swipe right to left, scroll down and tap Settings. (Screen 1)

Step Two - Access WiFi Settings
Select Wi-Fi to access your phone's wireless internet connections (Screen 2)

Step Three - Select Desired Network
This screen displays the wireless networks in range of your phone.  CCS Net is the college wireless network, so tap it to select it.(Screen 3)

Step Four - Enter your credentials

Enter your CCS network username and password in the respective boxes. (Screen 4)

Students should add after their username.

Faculty and staff should enter one of the following after their username, depending on which domain they belong to:

Step Five - Security Settings

If prompted, choose none for Server certificate validation.

Step Six - Save Settings

Select Done (still on the window shown in Screen 4) to save your settings.

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