1. When you first login to your Mac, you will be presented with a dialog box labeled None of your preferred networks are available.
     a. Highlight CCS Net, place a check in the Remember this network box.
2. Enter your CCS network username and password in the respective boxes. (Screen 1)

Screen 1

    a. Students should add @bigfoot.spokane.edu after their username.
    b. Faculty and staff should enter one of the following after their username, depending on which domain they belong to:
            I. @ccs.spokane.edu
            II. @scc.spokane.edu
          III. @sfcc.spokane.edu

3. Choose Automatic from the 802.1X from the pull down menu. (Screen 1)

4. If you follow the steps above correctly, you will be presented with the 802.1X Authentication screen. Click on Continue. (Screen 2)

Screen 2

5. Enter your CCS User Name and Password for this service, again. Use the same format that you did in Step 2 above. (Screen 3)

6. Your Wi‐Fi (on older systems: Airport) indicator should display black – indicating you are connected. (Screen 4)

Additional instructions if initial set up fails
1. If the initial login fails, you may not have a valid IP address.
     a. Open Network Preferences by clicking on the Wi‐Fi (on older systems: Airport) icon
     b. Then, clicking on Open Network Preferences. (Screen 5)

Screen 5

2. You should see that Airport has a self‐assigned IP address – the address begins with 169 instead of 10. (Screen 6)

Screen 6

     a. Click on Turn Wi‐Fi Off
     b. Then click on the Advanced button.

3. Highlight CCS Net and click on the minus sign (‐) button to delete your old instance of CCS Net. (Screen 7)

Screen 7

4. Click on the plus sign (+) button to add a new Wireless network.
5. Fill in the information as shown below using your college account information as in step 2 above.
     a. Then click on OK.
     b. Click on the Apply button
     c. Click on Turn Airport On (similar to Screen 6 above)