With Linux being an open source operating system, each installation may be slightly different. This is a guide showing Ubuntu 10.10. The steps in this guide may be different from OS to OS but the settings are the same. These instructions are intended to assist with WiFi configuration for the majority of Linux installations, but there have been instances where some Linux devices will not connect to CCS Net.

Description/Steps for Resolution

Step One - Launch Network Settings

From your device, click on the network icon in the task bar near the lower right of the screen.

displaying linux wifi/network icon

Step Two - Select CCS Net
If you are in range of a CCS wireless access point, your Linux device should recognize the CCS Net wireless network and show it as a connection option in the Wi-Fi settings. If you do not see it, then you likely need to be closer to a wireless access point. Once it is available, choose CCS Net from the list displayed.

linux screen showing wireless networks in range.  CCSnet is listed

Step Three - Define Network Settings
The next dialog box is where you define the network settings. Under the Authentication drop-down field, select Protected EAP (PEAP), and under the Inner authentication drop-down field select MSCHAPv2.

linux wireless network settings screen.  Authentication, Inner authentication, username, and password fields are displayed

Step Four - Enter your credentials

Within the same window, scroll down to the Username and Password fields and enter your CCS network username in the Identity field and password in the Password field (same ones you use for lab computers).

Students should add after their username.

Faculty and staff should enter one of the following after their username, depending on which domain they belong to:

Step Five - Connect to the network

When all your settings are entered, click on the Connect button. 

Step Six - Ignore Certificate warning

When you get this final screen, you can click the Ignore button.

linux no certificate warning, with ignore button displayed

You should now be connected to CCS Net.

Keywords: CCSNet, WiFi, Linux, Ubuntu