CCSNet is our college WiFi network, accessible to students and staff.  These instructions detail how to connect to this network from an iPad or iPhone.

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Description/Steps for Resolution

Step One - Open Settings

Go to the Settings app by tapping on the Settings icon.

iOS settings icon

Step Two - Access WiFi Settings

Once on the Settings screen, tap the Wi-Fi category in the upper left pane. Then tap CCS Net, found under Choose a Network…
Note: You will only see CCS Net when you are in range of the campus wireless network.

iOS wireless settings window, with available WiFi networks shown
Step Three - Enter your credentials
Enter your CCS network username and password in the respective boxes.

iOS WiFi credentials screen with fields for username and password
Students should add after their username.

Faculty and staff should enter one of the following after their username, depending on which domain they belong to:

Step Four - Accept Certificate

When prompted with a certificate for server authentication, tap Accept. The title to the certificate will be different depending on which campus you log in from.

iOS CCS Net server certificate

Step Five - Verify Connection
If the wireless connection setup worked properly, it should show CCS Net to the right of Wi-Fi under the settings menu. It should also show a checkmark next to CCS Net in Wi-Fi Networks under Choose a Network…

iOS wireless settings window showing CCS Net connected

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