CCSNet is our college WiFi network, accessible to students and staff.  These instructions detail how to connect to this network from a device running the Chrome operating system. 

Description/Steps for Resolution

Step One - Launch Network Settings

Click the network icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

Step Two - Enable Wi-Fi usage
Make sure Wi-Fi usage is enabled, which will allow your Chromebook to detect nearby networks. In the menu that appears, click

chrome network icon with a slash through it

NOTE - If you see this icon instead, that means Wi-Fi is already enabled.

chrome network icon

Step Three - Select a Network

Detected networks automatically show up in the menu. To connect to a network, simply select its name.  In this case, select CCS Net from the list.

NOTE - If you are in range of a CCS wireless access point, your Chromebook should recognize the CCS Net wireless network and show it as a connection option in the Wi-Fi settings. If you do not see it, then you likely need to be closer to a wireless access point. Once it is available, choose CCS Net from the list displayed.  (NOTE:  do not put any value into the Anonymous Identity field.)

Step Four - Enter Settings
In the dialog box that appears you will need to complete the settings as shown in Screen 1.

Phase 2 authentication MSCHAPv2
Server CA certification Do not check
User certificate None installed

Step Five - Enter your credentials

Scroll down to the Identity and Password fields and enter your CCS network username in the Identity field and password in the Password field.  These are the same Username and Password you use for logging in to college-owed computers. 

Students should add after their username.
Faculty and staff should enter one of the following after their username, depending on which domain they belong to:

chrome network settings window

Step Six - Save your settings
Click Save and after a short delay, your Chromebook should be connected to CCS Net.

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