CCS Net, our college WiFi Network, is accessible to all current students and staff. These instructions detail how to connect to this network from a mobile device running the Android OS.

Please note: With Android being an open source operating system, each installation may be slightly different. These instructions are to assist with WiFi configuration for the majority of Android installations, but there have been instances where some Android devices will not connect to CCS Net.

Description/Steps for Resolution

Step One – Open Settings 

From your Android device, select Settings.

Step Two – Wireless Settings

Within Settings, select WiFi

Step Three – Access CCS Net

Select CCS Net from the list displayed.
Note: CCS Net will only be visible when you are in range of the campus wireless network.

Step Four – Enter Settings

Most of the Settings will be auto-filled. For verification, the following fields populate automatically.

  •          Security 802.1x EAP 
  •          EAP Method PEAP 

The fields you need to enter in is identity and password. Here enter in your CCS network username in the identity field and the password associated with that account in the password field.

Students should add after their username. Employees should enter one of the following after their username, depending on which domain they belong to:  


 Android screen with Identify and Password highlighted
Step Five - Save your settings

Select Save and after a short delay, your Android device should be connected to the CCS Net.

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